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write a book in 24 hours

Establish yourself as an expert and be making an extra $1000/m!

Not sure how to get started? Don’t have time to write? You want to be making more money each month but you just just aren’t sure what you can sell or making a whole digital product or course is too difficult?

Do any of these sound familiar?

In this easy to follow 10 step process go from absolutely 0 pages and no idea of what to write to having over 200 pages of valuable sale ready content!

Learn what it really takes to generate consistent sustainable passive income online from creating ebooks that you can self-print, sell online or even sell on Amazon.

Establish yourself as expert, become an author and  make money while you sleep – literally!


What if you could...

  • Make an extra $1000 each month 
  • Create a passive income that doesn’t even require extra effort
  • Publish your book online AND self-publish a real novel that allows you to become an expert author

Here's what you'll get

My teacher Stefan James will be sharing with you…

  • 11 high-quality, step-by-step videos plus PDFs 

    • explaining to you in an entertaining way the entire process of writing a book in less than 24 hours.
  • 10-step method

    • Stefan's effective process that works like a charm and that he's used to make over $100,000 selling his ebooks alone!
  • Killer book titles

      • How to come up with and write killer titles that will create excitement in people who are checking out your book.
    • A Solution for Anyone!

        • It will work for basically ANYONE as Stefan created a dead-simple method to become an effective writer in record time.

      it's time to do things differently

      Write a book, be an expert and make $1000/m!

      Hi I'm Karuna

      I first met Stefan about 6 years ago at a local internet marketing meetup when he was just getting started online and from the moment I met him I knew he was headed for big things. 

      I bought my first course from him on Kindle Money Mastery and wasa able to publish and sell multiple ebooks on Kindle making over a thousand dollars a month in my first year.

      Now as an Digital Marketing Strategist and Manifestation Coach I’ve used the “How to Write a Book in 24 Hours” to create my first real book and the results have been amazing!

      This is for you if...

      • You are struggling to get started in making money online.
      • You could benefit from having extra monthly income.
      • Having a product to sell on your website while you sleep interests you.

      This is not for you if...

      • You aren't willing to invest a day of work or a few hours over several.
      • You don't want people to mistake you for being knowledgable in your field.
      • Putting yourself out there is too scary and might overwhelm you.

      have a book in 24 hours

      This offer can increase in price at ANY time, now is the time go for it!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      I’m not a good writer will this work for me?
      Yes it will, actually Stefan shows you how to go about getting your work professionally edited for just a few dollars.

      I don’t want to write it all by myself so what do I do?
      Stefan shows you how to hire ghostwriters from the Philippines that are expert in english and grammar who can take what you have and flesh it out for you.


      Do I have to do this in a day?
      No you don’t have to do it all in one sit down if you don’t want to, you choose to complete your book over a few weekends if that works better for you.

      What if I want to add to or update my book?
      That’s not a problem and the process for this explained.

      Be an Author in 24 hours

      The price could increase without notice, so now is the time!

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