Meet Karuna (Team Leader)

Before now I spent 12 years in Sales and Marketing in roles such as Manager and Director in four separate multi-million/yr companies, increasing revenue and assisting in the successful acquisition of one. I’ve also helped dozens of small businesses with their digital marketing and sales needs in a variety of capacities from implementation, team building to consulting.

Now my team is your team and you can do what you love and delegate the rest to us.

My team and I can help you if:

1) You don’t have enough hours to hire someone for a full-time position.

2) You need expertise and do not want someone you need to train.

3) You’re overwhelmed and looking for more of a work/life balance.

4) You are wanting to scale and grow your business.

If this sounds like you let’s talk!

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Free up your time, remove the headaches and delegate to us!