My Story

I spent my teens and twenties working in a variety of sales capacities and then in 2006 I became pregnant with my youngest while living off grid in a remote community. I had been doing stints of traveling sales in order to contribute to the income of my family but now that I was pregnant I needed a way to work from home in preparation for the baby. We only had solar power and a generator for electricity but that year we had installed a satellite dish for tv which also gave us internet. I spent my evenings on the net (there was nothing else to do!) and decided I would start an organic baby clothing brand and website. I applied for a grant and received it! Now I could spend my full-time devoted to building the site and getting the business underway. The first thing I quickly realized was that since I was in the middle of nowhere I would need to do as much as possible for myself. That I meant I needed to learn how to build a website. I started taking courses in web development online from a college and then progressed to taking what would’ve been some of the first available courses in SEO. As it happened my husband needed to go back to the US (we lived in Canada) and my daughter and I couldn’t go with him yet so we moved to Vancouver, BC which was close to the border. Without realizing the consequences of moving, I lost the remainder of my grant due to moving out of the qualifying district. The business was put on hold but I had new found skills in SEO and website creation.

I discovered very quickly that I could make money while learning and completing more courses by offering my services on Craigslist and working as a freelancer. I also during that time came across the book “The Secret” and I had made some goals that did in fact come true by December 31st, 2008. To keep it short…I discovered that one of the people I had been doing contract work for was none of than Frank Schilling the largest independent domain name holder in the world. I was now with all my work, making more than I ever had and helping numerous business’ achieve top search engine positions all while being a full-time stay at home mother for my two daughters who were now 2 and 12.

Now I was an SEO and Online Marketing Consultant who also ran a business called WebHelp2Go that provided services to other consultants and business owners who needed help with WordPress and/or needed other marketing services.

Startup tech experience

I decided that my daughter was old enough for pre-school and that I would work part-time for a startup. There I used my sales and seo experience as a Digital Marketing manager. I also gained valuable experience in ecommerce platforms as the company had numerous websites running on numerous platforms including Magento, Volusion, Shopify and Woocommerce. I also did stints on contract and as an employee at two other startups.

From there I went on to be the Director of Sales and Marketing at an ERP startup company where I increased their sales by 6x in 9 months and helped them eventually be acquired by a much larger American company within 17 months of my getting there and them having been near bankrupt.

After that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start my own company or continue to get what I called hands on experience. I decided to explore Social Media and started using my previous testing techniques to see if this was the direction I should go. I made some significant discoveries. In under 3 months I was growing multiple accounts to thousands of followers.

Yet I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with that new found information and fate decided for me and I was now running the Sales and Marketing at yet another Startup. This time in the Wedding industry. What I discovered was that the best way to help those servicing the industry like venues, photographers, planners, etc would be by teaching them how to market themselves. My job was generate leads and sell them to our customers but I knew that lead generation was best done if done directly by the companies themselves.

I decided that it was time for me to go back to consulting and teaching others all the knowledge that I had acquired. The time was right as I could see a real need and not enough people were aware of the possibilities before them. Which brings to here today, my job is to help you!

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