My Story

In 2006 I became pregnant with my youngest while living off grid in a remote community. I was pregnant and I needed a way to work from home in preparation for the baby. We only had solar power and a generator for electricity but that year we had installed a satellite dish for tv which also gave us internet. I spent my evenings on the net (there was nothing else to do!) and the first thing I quickly realized was that since I was in the middle of nowhere I would need to do as much as possible for myself. So I started taking courses in web development online from a college and then progressed to taking what would’ve been some of the first available courses in SEO.

I also during that time came across the book “The Secret” and I had made some goals that did in fact come true by December 31st, 2008. To keep it short…using my new found skills in online marketing and web development I was now with all my work, making more than I ever had and helping numerous business’ all while being a full-time stay at home mother for my two daughters who were now 2 and 12.

I’ve now spent the last 12 years in Sales and Marketing Managing and Director roles for four separate multi-million/yr companies increasing revenue and launching startups. The most important lesson I’ve learned over the years is that no matter what online strategies you use having a good funnel is imperative to success.

Whether you have a budget of tens of thousands for marketing or nothing at all, you must have a sales funnel that allows you to drive sales and grow your business with the lease amount of effort and maximum roi.

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